How to Survive Difficult Situations

Lisa D. Henry

Life happens constantly and when we experience unexpected situations, how we respond creatively and intellectually is what matters most. We can’t control unexpected situations, but we can control our emotional response and survive.

One of the things I realized, is that it is okay to close the door, to stay in and to reflect. Life is in constant motion and as humans we constantly react. Sometimes the best reaction is no reaction at all but rather to reflect and then respond.

A reaction is quick and automated, and a response is a conscious and thoughtful action to a situation.

There is virtue in reflecting.
There is intellect in responding.

When unexpected situations happen, it’s important to not assume that it is the end of the road.

When you experience a curve ball in life like a breakup, divorce, job loss, illness, or disappointment, it may be a good thing and it may make your life turn out better. With a breakup or divorce, don’t blame yourself or shut down, but create new circumstances that you do want. Sow the seeds of hope, generate fun, cultivate the life you want.

Ask yourself, “what can you do to make this better?” By laying out this plan, you regain your control.

No one likes difficult unexpected situations, but many of us survive them.

It will be okay.

I’m sure you’ve been through several unexpected situations in life, how did you get through those situations? Don’t give yourself permission to think that it will not work out but ask yourself, how did I get through those other situations?

Know your strengths. Build your confidence. Receive support.

With love and style,

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