Why Patience is Important

We live in the microwave world of now. Our cerebral cortex is programmed to receive everything instantly. So, when you don’t receive what you want right away, it creates feelings of frustration, impatience, worry or annoyance.

Women Today
Victoria Beckham, Brand Losses and Success

With 29 million followers, she is one of the most popular fashion celebrities on Instagram. Victoria Beckham is a fashionista with a brand and is worth more than $400 million. Raised in Goffs Oaks, Hertfordshire,

5 Steps To Being Super Clear Minded & Productive
If you find yourself laying in bed and staring at the ceiling or avoiding checking your email, as if your messages will magically disappear (Voila!), then I recommend reading these helpful tips to get back on track.

Try This Evening Routine To Set You Up Each Day
Looking for an evening routine to set you up for tomorrow? Whether self care, working out or planning for the next day, consider what is going to impact your day in the right way for you to be productive.

In Her Own Words
30 Second Reminder About Getting Your Life Together
Wondering where I’ve been? Girl, getting my life together. 2020 was exhausting and so was the beginning of 2021. Like the rest of the world, I’ve been juggling work, life, balance and needing to get back on track.
How To Create a Home That Makes You Happy
Your home should be a feel good space. Now that everyone in the world is spending a lot of time at home, you can enjoy being stuck indoors by bringing some glitz and glam to your home.


Her Story
How To Cope With Grief: ‘After My Dad Died’
Life is one of those uncertainties. Usually I don’t write about grief. However, after losing a father and uncle this year in 2020, I thought many others may be encountering similar grief. 
5 Ways To Stress Less After A Tough Day
Need to unwind after running around all day? Are you feeling cluttered?
Money Girl Tips
5 Fab Female Personal Bloggers To Follow
So, we googled some financial women bloggers to see what they had to say. 
Success Tips
3 News Sites We Love For Insanely Smart World News
Cheers to the weekend! You just finished a busy work week full of chaos and demands. You’re now ready to join your friends for wine, appetizers and to discuss the latest news story
Success Tips
3 Reasons Vision Boards Work and How To Create One
Vision boards are super awesome and there is a great reason why. You’re basically implementing the “law of attraction”. 
Success Tips
Podcast Secrets For Women To Help Get Them A Million Downloads
The Podcast industry is blowing up and set to be a billion dollar industry by 2021. 

In Her Own Words
Eden Hansom, That Time I Went Viral
The year was 2018, but the foundation for me to actually blow up started a few months prior back in 2017. Let me take you all back to how it all started.
Success Tips
How To Make Your Dreams A Reality
Eleanor Roosevelt said it best, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. This articles explores ways to achieve that beautiful dream.
Millennial Talk
Millennial Research Slayed And Beyonce  
So, we are educated but aren’t we also racking up student loan debt or if there’s no debt aren’t we paying astronomical prices for higher education?



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