Adidas 6 weeks to 6 pack

Week 1

Tue, 7 Sep – Tue, 14 Sep

So I started my fitness journey. I’ve never had to do this before. A fit body always came naturally to me. I did track and field all through school and lived a pretty active lifestyle. But when COVID hit, I gained so much weight from being indoors and it was a real eye opener.

Lisa in 2018 at 5’8 and approx. 155 lbs.

My biggest struggle was my lack of motivation.

I just felt sedentary and just didn’t have the motivation to be active. This was a real change from pre-COVID when I was always active, whether it was rapidly walking to a meeting, or going to the fitness gym in my apartment. With this extra weight, I just felt less motivated.

A little about me: I was an elite high-school athlete who ran the 800 meter, 1600 meter, and 3200 meter race. I ran all year — cross country, indoor track, outdoor track and summers with the USATF from middle school to part of high-school. I enjoyed being written about in my local newspaper and being a part of a successful high-school track team. Being competitive comes naturally to me. I am 5’8 and was always able to maintain a weight between 145 lbs. and 155 lbs. I am now 178 lbs. My hustle and drive for an active lifestyle was always evident but with the pandemic, it’s taken a hit.

Everyone has their own fitness journey and I decided to start mine with Adidas.

I signed up for:

  • Adidas Running App
  • Adidas Training by Runtastic
  • Adidas creators program

Since I am now beginning to train, I wanted to join a community that would get me excited. I’ll take pictures each week to track the progress from the the first week to the 6th week.

Cheers to week 1!


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