How to Cope With Grief: “After My Dad Died”

Life is one of those uncertainties. Usually I don’t write about grief. However, after losing a father and uncle this year in 2020, I thought many others may be encountering similar grief. So as I view the sea from a local cafe, I choose to sip red sangria, eat seafood and write.

1.52 million people have died from COVID around the world. That’s 1.52 million families who have lost a loved one. There may be multiple people who have died in the same family, so the aforementioned figure maybe slightly skewed, but you see my point, nonetheless.

Though my loss was not COVID related, I would be remiss without acknowledging the unanticipated pandemic affecting millions of people around the world. In America alone, 14.4 million cases and 279 thousand deaths.

With loss and grief, how does one be productive? The answer is simple, you simply cope.

Here are 5 ways that may help you cope with grief.

Rituals and memorials

Having special events or services will allow you to remember and cherish your loved one. Being around family and friends can lessen the grief. Simply being in the presence of others can be comforting.

Feel your emotions

Allow yourself to experience your emotions. Cry if you need to. Don’t suppress your cry. Allow your body to remember the memories of the person you loss. You may feel better over time.

Talk to others

Call up your favorite girlfriend or boyfriend(s) to talk about your loss. Yes, boyfriends is plural. You may have more than one. (*joking…kind of). Sometimes it helps to express your feelings, and that is ok.


Write how feel. Share your feelings, emotions, memories on paper. What would you have liked to say to that person before they passed? What moments would you have liked to share? Write it down.

Memorialize your memories

Honor the person you loss in a special way. Maybe a marathon or a momentum box. Plant a tree or whatever you would like to plant to remember him or her.

The most important thing is to find support — family, friends, a healthy and well-researched support group. You don’t have to be in this alone.

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Story: Lisa D. Henry

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