Try This Evening Routine To Set You Up Each Day

Looking for an evening routine to set you up for tomorrow? Whether self care, working out or planning for the next day, consider what is going to impact your day in the right way for you to be productive.

Having an evening routine helps you not squander your time and gives you room to forgive yourself of all the variables from the prior day.

A routine I love is Benjamin Franklin’s daily routine. It is well documented and many people have followed it over the years. At the end of the day, he always asked himself “What good have I done today?” Reviewing his daily routine was pretty eye-opening in examining my day to make sure I am headed in the right direction.

Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Routine

His daily schedule:

  • Rise, wash, and attend to the day’s business, study and eat breakfast (5am – 8am)
  • Morning Work (8am – 12pm)
  • Read, overlook accounts, and eat lunch. (12pm – 2pm)
  • Afternoon Work (2pm – 6pm)
  • Put things in their places, eat dinner, music, conversation and review of the day (6pm – 10pm)
  • Sleep (10pm – 5am)

His schedule is simple, yet very helpful.

There is no reason not to consider a structured routine or schedule to get stuff done.



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