30 Second Reminder About Getting Your Life Together

Wondering where I’ve been? Girl, getting my life together. 2020 was exhausting and so was the beginning of 2021. Like the rest of the world, I’ve been juggling work, life, balance and needing to get back on track.

Between managing a job, graduate school, and a small company, I felt like I was on a constant spin and needing to Press Pause! Play with loved ones! & Plan my day!

Life is about balancing and adjusting, as much as it is about goal setting. With ambitions, we need to manage our well-being. That means taking time to be still, go to the spa, and grabbing wine and tapas with friends.

So, take a breath and press pause, play, and re-plan. It’s okay to revaluate to get back on track!

With Love,

Lisa Henry

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