Podcast Secrets for Women To Help Get Them A Million Downloads

The Podcast industry is blowing up and set to be a billion dollar industry by 2021. That’s pretty amazing especially since the term “podcast” wasn’t coined until 2004 and made popular by Apple CEO, Steve Jobs in 2005.

At times, it seems everyone has a show from Oprah, Michelle Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow to random friends; and we have our very own “Modern Day Career Woman” podcast at Smart Girl Brand.

Last year, the Podcast industry got a huge buzz from Spotify’s announcement on its decision to spend $500 million on “podcast related acquisitions.” Bloomberg and Apple was right behind Spotify with renewed and astounding interest.

Even globally the Podcast industry is killing it in Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Australia and the United States since a few years ago.

So, a few questions we need answered for our SGB Community is how exactly do our SGB followers who have Podcast generate income and take advantage of this buzz?

How You Can Get to a Million Downloads

Nicaila Matthews Okome, creator and host of the Side Hustle has amassed over 3 million downloads on her show Side Hustle Pro. She has also created a podcast accelerator program, Podcast Moguls to help women launch and grow their podcast. Create and Cultivate republished an article here from Mogul Millennial to provide some amazing tips. What we got from both reads are:

  1. Create an idea that you are passionate about.
  2. Make sure your idea is a viable business idea.
  3. Know your audience. Make sure you know who is listening to your show.
  4. Before seeking out sponsorships, again really really know your audience.
  5. Seek out brands that are already doing sponsorships.
  6. Everything is through trial and error and know when to pivot.
  7. Invest in learning, even if it costs you some coins.
  8. Before you put out your podcast, make sure your marketing message is clear.

Another awesome podcaster, Melissa Monte of Mind Love Podcast had 1 million downloads in her first year. In a recent interview, with stitcher she contributed her success to thinking outside of the box, creative thinking, and bouncing ideas off of others.

For more on Melissa @mindlove

You can find Create and Cultivate @createandcultivate

And.. Side Hustle @Sidehustlepro


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