3 Reasons Vision Boards Work and How to Create One

Vision boards are super awesome and there is a great reason why. You’re basically implementing the “law of attraction”. Yeah, you’re visualizing with your thoughts and manifesting your intentions in the universe. Really…true story. Just ask @ Huffington Post. So, some key points to remember when creating your board…

1. What we focus on expands.

2. Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do.

3. Vision boards focus on how you want to feel and not just on the things you want.

There are no rules to creating your board. No perfect formula and no way to mess it up. So be inspired. Be motivated and bring that vision of yours to life.

To create one: grab any type of board, some markers with fun colors, scissors, and magazines. That should be enough to start you off with making your board. Oh and you may want to include some photos of you and friends or even some motivational quotes. There’s dozens of quotes @smartgirlbrand instagram — borrow some. Now, that you have your material, you can set the mood with some relaxing music. Oh, and give yourself a stress-free hour or two.


Lisa Henry

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