Know yourself: Better Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is so important at this time. Because there is so much uncertainty, it’s important to understand and acknowledge our emotions. There are many ways to take note of where you are in life and where you want to be. Self -reflection is looking into a mirror, describing what you see and assessing yourself. It helps you to build emotional self-awareness, by taking time out to ask yourself those important questions. Here are a few self-reflection tips to get you started…

1. Reflect on your experiences.

2. Reflect on the morals and values you want to follow.

3. Apply what you’ve learned and practice it.

Now, is the perfect time to write in your diary and self-reflect. You can think, feel, and experience your emotions while self-reflecting. It maybe that you’ve felt that you were unable to be vulnerable or even that you needed to be strong or that you were unaware of other people’s experiences. I encourage you during your reflection journey and wish you the best.

XO 🙂

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