7 Keys to Improving your Communication Skills

Lisa D. Henry

The ability to communicate clearly is essential in your everyday life. Whether you’re with friends, on a date, or at work, effective communication impacts your relationships.

How we exchange information and articulate our words reflect who we are. We should be able to clearly exchange our thoughts and ideas so that what we say is embraced.

Here are some key skills I’ve learned along the way.

Know your audience.

It’s important to not only listen but to know your audience. What does your audience care about? Is your tone appropriate?

Show compassion and empathy.

When you communicate don’t just consider your feelings but consider where the other person is and how they will accept what you are saying.

Be confident.

Speak from a place of confidence and preparedness. If it’s work related, (heck sometimes even it’s not) practice makes perfect. So, rehearse what you want to say prior to the big delivery.

Be an active listener.

You may enjoy talking as much as I do. But listening gives you the opportunity to include the other person in the conversation and to really hear how they are responding to what you have to say.

Consider your pace.

Don’t speak too fast but rather slow down. If you are a fast talker, consider if the speed of your delivery will impact your message. You want to make sure people can actually hear and understand what you want to say.

Consider your tone.

How you say things is just as important as what you say. Consider your tone and your facial expressions. Consider how you want to come across to the person you are communicating to.

Lastly, everyone can be an effective communicator by being clear, present and knowing your audience. Mastering effective communication techniques is a journey and we hope you enjoyed this post along the way.


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