Entrepreneurs: Here’s How to Pave the Path to Success

Dean Burgess

Especially for female entrepreneurs working in a male-dominated field, improving your business is an ongoing effort. While it may seem like the work will never end, it pays off to get into the small details and minute tasks. Entrepreneurs have a lot to cover — from software updates and data organization to company culture and effective communication. And these tasks take up time. In fact, more than 85% of small business owners work much longer than 40 hour work weeks. However, by putting in the time and effort, you’ll be investing in important tools to scale your business to new heights.

In this article, Smart Girl Brand shares some of the most effective practices to make the most of the entrepreneurial process and achieve long-term success.

Unify Your Branding

According to Deluxe, one of the biggest draws when choosing a product or service is the cohesive image of the business. With most advertising moving to the digital world, now more than ever, you need to ensure that your marketing strategy is unified and cohesive. Your branding efforts — from social media posts to product descriptions — need to have a harmonious feel to engage and build a solid customer base. Considering the larger marketing picture (as opposed to a piecemeal approach) will be critical from the get-go, and essential for growth in the hyperconnected digital space.

Naturally, you’ll have a much easier time tying all your branding and marketing together if you have a logo. Designing a single image that sums up your entire business can be daunting, but you’re in luck. There’s a free online logo maker that will allow you to create an eye-catching design in no time — and without the usual expense.

Creating a Company Culture

Harvard Business Review reports that many entrepreneurs are so focused on strengthening operations and increasing revenue that they forget to build a solid company culture. However, this is a practice that shouldn’t be neglected. After all, the more connected and valued your employees, the better their output and performance. You can create a great company culture by providing employee benefits, team-building activities, and constant employee communication. Offering coaching sessions on personal development and resources to beat burnout will also encourage improved performance and growth.

Also, as Forbes points out, sexism can still have a massive impact in the workplace — even though its manifestations can range from subtle to outright hostile. However, as the author concludes, “The great thing is that when you increase your awareness as an employee, manager or leader, you can immediately start making a positive difference in your own efforts and as an ally to others.”

Update Your Software

Do you know what increases with outdated software? The risks of cyberattacks. Cybersecurity is critical for every business, as it is the layer of protection required for safeguarding your vital data, documents, and client information. Be sure to run regular updates, bug checks and bring your software entirely up to date. This will defend your system from new threats and prevent cyberattacks down the line.

Set Up a Business Structure

Business structures are essential for every entrepreneur. Setting up a business structure provides clarity and a path towards decision-making, growth, and consistency. Many small business owners opt for forming an LLC or limited liability company. This is because LLCs offer business owners increased flexibility, reduced paperwork, and protection from personal liability.

Organize Your Records

A well-run business will require a solid foundation of organization. There are many documents you’ll be managing, and it’s essential to stay on top of things to ensure you can easily access documents when you need them. Use technology to manage your archives on the cloud. Resources like Tab and Decisions help digitize paper records and automate records and bills, which will help speed up your filing and storage. This will also reduce your stress come tax time, which is always a bonus in our books!

Especially for female entrepreneurs, building a small business from the ground up requires more than just a great idea. While the numerous tasks aren’t for the faint of heart (or the disorganized), the key is to take it all in stride and keep at it. Believe in your own abilities and accomplishments — and make sure you’re fostering a company culture that values hard work and professionalism. Create systems to stay on track of it all, and little by little, you’ll build a business that functions like a well-oiled machine.

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