Saron Gebresellassi: Running for Mayor in Toronto Canada

Saron Gebresellasi is a 31-year-old lawyer, entrepreneur and nationally-renowned advocate who earned her spot in Chatelaine Magazine’s “Top 80 Amazing Canadian Women to Watch”.  I interviewed Saron in Detroit Michigan at the National Association of Black Journalist Conference in 2018. The mayoral election for Toronto Canada was around the corner and Saron ambitiously shared her vision for a better tomorrow. 

Her message to females was loud and clear and I felt it best to share within  Smart Girl Brand 

“I am a young lawyer from the city of Toronto and a 2018 Mayoral Candidate.  I am running because I believe the city of Toronto deserves representation from under-represented communities and I am delighted when they see an East African girl from the City of Toronto.  Girls from the city of Toronto transform and light up when they see me representing them and gunning for the highest civil office in the city.  My message to girls of color in the United States and in other countries is that we deserve to be in leadership roles and this is not a time to be shy or timid or docile or humble or modest.  We really need to be proud and embolden and entitled.  In our country, we don’t have representation the way you do in the United States.  We have hardly any women of color on any level of government.  We never had an East African female as a member of parliament which is equivalent to congress in this country.”

After meeting Saron, her passion, humility, and ambition was evident and at the very least inspirational.

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