“I want every girlboss to win.”

Hey lovelies, I’m Lisa. Thank you for stopping by. I started this site in 2020 as a passion project to highlight my love for ambition and mindfulness.

Over the years, it’s evolved in my opinion, to support work, life, balance. I have a love for class and style so I use this space for that. I also have the first issue of my digital magazine launching.

I love when writers submit articles to my site and multiple writers already share content for ambitious women. I want everyone to win! I am based in the DMV. I love celebrating women from everywhere.

Explore and please stop by again. For inquires, drop me an email at smartgirlbrand@gmail.com.

“But above all, focus on self-worth, self-care, and self-value.” 


Lisa lives by the motto “Be a smart girl and make sassy, bold, lively decisions”. She began her career in the entertainment industry during her Junior year at HBCU, Morgan State University.

While majoring in Broadcast Journalism and taking multi-media courses, she worked as an on-air television host for Video Hair Magazine, a show that focuses on the positive attributes of women of color. From there, she worked as a model for MillerCoors promotions and a variety of fashion designers.

Soon after, she secured a position as a production manager at an independent film company. 

“A resource driven lifestyle company for you.” 

She pivoted her career and completed a Masters of Project Management at George Washington University in Washington DC and is finishing her second masters for business administration (MBA) with a concentration in technology.

She has managed projects at Johns Hopkins Health System, The Urban Institute, and most recently at a global FinTech firm. She has managed $30 million projects with dozens of stakeholders across multiple industries including healthcare, human resources, finance, technology, etc. While working, she also engaged with her employer on significant employee engagement, community, and human resource initiatives. 

Because of her passion for clients, she continues to do that and because of her love of media she has since created a company and blog to support women professionally.

Lisa has been a member of Maryland Business Roundtable as part of the Achievement Counts Program, motivating middle and high-school students to take advanced placement courses.

She has worked with multiple youth programs in Baltimore City to teach job-readiness skills. She was nominated as Woman of the Year from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Maryland Chapter in 2015.

Lisa is currently publishing her first digital magazine on work-life balance for professional women which is scheduled to be released in 2022.

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