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Digital & Print Magazines

 Our magazines aim to empower women to achieve their goals while taking care of their physical, mental, and emotional health. Our articles cover a wide range of topics such as career development, relationships, self-care, and mindfulness. We also feature interviews with successful women who share their inspiring stories and tips on how to create a fulfilling and balanced life. Our printed magazine for women focuses on wellness and balance. It is a fresh and unique offering in the magazine industry. By catering to our niche audience and providing valuable content, we stand out and succeed in today’s competitive market.

E-books & Print Books

Are you a woman who wants to have it all: a fulfilling career, a healthy body, and a happy mind? Do you struggle with finding time, energy, and motivation to take care of yourself and your goals? Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or burned out by the demands of work and life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to read our books. These books will teach you how to balance work and wellness, and how to create a lifestyle that supports your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Cool Stuff

Website Content & Resources

If you’re a woman with a hectic schedule, it can be a challenge to make time for yourself and prioritize wellness. That’s why our website is dedicated to providing resources and inspiration for women like you who want to live a balanced life while pursuing ambitions.


In each episode, we explore different aspects of wellness and personal development, from managing stress and improving sleep to finding your purpose and creating a fulfilling career. Our guests are successful women from a wide range of industries who share their own stories and advice for living a balanced and fulfilling life. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a working mom, or just looking to improve your overall well-being, this podcast is for you.

Digital Downloads

In addition, we offer digital downloads. Smart Girl Brand offers resources, such as our Women’s Event Guide to our community of like-minded individuals who are also striving towards a balanced and fulfilling life. Through in-person and virtual meetups, members can connect and support each other on their personal journeys.

Printed Pamphlets & Brochures

It’s clear that the demand for resources that prioritize wellness and balance for women who have ambitions is on the rise. By providing these types of resources, we can not only empower women but also help them achieve their goals in a healthy and sustainable way. So, let’s continue to support and amplify these initiatives and create a more balanced world for all. You may run into one of our pamphlets at a coffee shop or nearby co-working space.

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