Paris Hilton: American Business Woman and Philanthropist

On Friday, Paris Hilton fabulously interviewed on supermodel Naomi Campbell’s Youtube show No Filter. 

During the glamorous interview, Hilton announced the Hilton Foundation’s $10 million dollar donation to COVID-19 relief organizations.  “About half will go toward protecting the homeless population in Los Angeles, with the other half focused on helping African countries prepare for a pending outbreak,” she mentioned in a press release. 

Later in the interview, she elaborated on her accomplishments and how people misconstrue who she is. 

After shooting for a year, Hilton’s upcoming premier, This is Paris, the documentary of her life would’ve been shown on Friday, April 17th in New York at Tribeca Film Festival.  The documentary features things that Paris never shared with her closet friends but she opened up with Alexandra Dean, female director of the documentary, leading to a sisterly bond.

“That’s why I am so strong because I’ve been through so much. People think that it is all this glamour and fun, but they don’t really realize why I do what I do and why I wanted to become this.” 

From trademarking “That’s Hot” to her new phrase “Sliving”, Paris gives advice on always channeling her ideas into a business. For the last 10 years, she’s branched into being a DJ, to optimize her time, as well many other ventures. 

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