Lisa Henry: Women Are Not Monolithic

For my March message, I want to share an important lesson I observed over the years — career women are not monolithic and being smart is not a cookie cutter mandate. There is no “look” to smart. There is no geographical indicator to classify smart. 

Smart women are creators, lawyers, mothers, wives, daters, journalist, bloggers, models, actresses, teachers, politicians, dog walkers and the list goes on. Being smart is a philosophy in which we women live our lives.  It has no color, no race, no look. 

Smart women have a variety of experiences, occupations, and social classes.

  • Some of us have full-time jobs with blogs on the side. We just got out of a relationship and are now maybe starting a new one. 
  • Some of us are married with a newborn baby who are seeking to work from home more so that we can cultivate our child’s growth.
  • Some of us are Instagram models who have inherited investments from our parents. 
  • Some of us have mothers who passed away 5 years ago and are looking to survive by starting non-profits or continuing our career in sports journalism.
  • Some of us were entertainment writers and recently married affluently. We just had kids. So, now is it full-time mommy and me life? By the way if the answer is yes, than that’s ok!

Each one of these women, I know or know of personally. 

At the end of the day, modern-day career women are not monolithic. We are not one way. We are many ways and that’s more than ok. It’s flipping awesome. One thing we all have in common is that we each embody the beautiful essence of being a woman and though unique, we share that key feature and community. 

“I will not be another flower left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find and impossible to forget” – Erin Van Vuren

XO 🙂

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